Saturday, April 30, 2011

People that Bug Me

So I am watching a movie as I type this and there is another guy that is watching the same movie with us and he will not stop analyzing the movie. I am not talking about analyzing the movie in a good way but in a seriously annoying way. He will not shut up about certain things in the movie that are happening. He comments on if a gun is not cocked when the screen shot goes to the gun. He also says things cannot happen in real life and says it is stupid they put it in a movie. It is a movie, it is fiction, people watch it just to have fun. Quit analyzing the movie and just watch it. No one cares what you think or how smart you are. You will not impress anyone with what you say.

Peyton Hillis on Madden '12

I cannot believe that Peyton Hillis won the Madden 12 cover vote. It is one of the most coveted awards for a football player to get. Millions and millions of people will buy the game and Hillis will grace the cover of every one of those. He is one of those unknown guys that came to rule the rushing game in his division. It is hard to stop a guy that pulled trucks up a hill for fun in high school. He connects to the blue collar, working class, and everyday human being. The Albino Rhino is a beast and will not be stopped. It was a great honor for him to get on the cover and he will not disappoint.

Ryan Mallett

Well it was sort of a shocker that Ryan Mallet fell to the third round of the NFL draft. He was projected at times to be the best QB in the draft and he by far has the best arm of any QB going into the NFL this year. Lots of teams passed on him and he finally fell to the New England Patriots which was actually the best thing that could have happened to Mallet. Tom Brady only has a few years left at QB and Mallet can learn from the arguably best QB and coach in the league. I guess I have to become a Patriots fan now.

"Scam" Newton

Cam or should we say “Scam” Newton went number one overall in the NFL Draft. He was drafted by the Carolina Panthers who I do not believe needed a QB. I feel like he will be the next Jamarcus Russel, extremely athletic but off the field consequences and work determination will ruin his career. He is a much bigger version of Michael Vick but unlike Micahel Vick he does not have the X-Factor. I think he is overhyped. I hope I’m not proving wrong in the future but he will not amount to anything when it comes to the NFL. Just a waste of a number one pick that could have gone to a better player.

Essay on "Sun Also Rises"

The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway is a book that has many different sides to it. A writer writing an analytical paper on it could choose many different topics in the book to analyze. In this book a writer could choose to write about alcoholism, feminism, psychoalanic, and many other structures that Hemingway might have been writing about in this book. The one structure I see the most in this novel is morality.
            The Sun Also Rises has a very non-moral story setting. Almost all the main characters are alcoholics and the main female character, Lady Brett, is not just an alcoholic but also a lady that likes to sleep around and go out with different men. The three main characters all have something wrong with them. Jake Barnes a war hero, who from the war suffered a wound that caused him to go impotent. Lady Brett Ashley a very promiscuous female that sleeps around with almost all the characters from the older man like Cohn to the very young like Romero the bullfighter.  Robert Cohn is the worn out boxer and he is one of the biggest alcoholics of the bunch always drinking his sorrows away. James Covert who wrote an article on the morality of Hemingway’s stories says that, “Hemingway’s fiction reflects and directs immediately the character of our times, its moral uncertainty. It surveys against this background the whole problem of conduct and value on the level of the individual (374).” For this Hemingway novel Covert is absolutely right. Again, almost all the characters have something wrong with them out of the social norm and that the time period is a reflection on why theses characters have low moral standards. This paper will be broken into three parts and over three different characters. The characters are Robert Cohn, Jake Barnes, and Lady Brett Ashley.
            Robert Cohn is a graduate of Princeton who boxed during college. Even though Hemingway starts off with, “Robert Cohn was once middleweight boxing champion of Princeton,” and devotes almost the entirety of the first chapter about Cohn, Cohn isn’t the main character of The Sun Also Rises (11). Cohn is actually an outsider to the coalition of people that travel around. He once had a fling with Lady Brett Ashley but he is merely tagging along cause of that and his friendship with Jake. Covert talks about Cohn more than any other character in this story, not because of his immoral ways but because how Cohn is so blinded in his meaning to find a way in life. Robert and Jake are very much in love with Lady Brett. Robert on the other hand and this is what Covert points out is that he is only fantasizing about his relationship with Brett. Covert says that “Cohn is incapable of being honest with himself or with others not because he deliberately uses dishonesty, but because he can not see through the illusions into reality. (381)” Covert sis right Cohn can not see that his relationship with Lady Brett will not work out and that the difference between Cohn and Jake is that Jake does realize that things can not work out between him and Lady Brett. Lady Brett is annoyed with Cohn too,  “Was I rude enough to him? My God! I’m so sick of him (Hemingway 185).” Besides drinking, dishonesty is Cohn’s moral downfall. He is not really dishonest with other people but with himself because he cannot tell himself that something won’t happen that he wants to happen. Like all of the other characters Cohn is a raging alcoholic. At one point someone asked, “Where’s Cohn” and Lady Brett replies, “He’s passed out. (Hemingway 161-162)” Another example of immortality of Cohn is in the first chapter of the book it talks about Cohn’s girlfriend Frances, but the whole time he is away he is trying to get with Lady Brett. In other words he is trying to cheat on his girlfriend and that’s a very immoral thing to do. Cohn to me is the least immoral person, he is not as big of a drunk as the others and his only vice is his lust for Lady Brett.

Independent Thinking

As a student I believe if you encourage other students to think independently, those students can ultimately share their ideas with other students. Thinking independently, students are more likely to start conversations with other students, speak up in class, and have more confidence. I have experienced all of these things.
When a student opens his or her mind and thinks independently they can collect their thoughts better. This opens up conversation opportunities with other students. Students can pool all of their ideas together and talk about them. Each student can share his or her ideas while listening to everyone else’s. Listening to everyone else’s idea can ad to your ideas too. Open-minded students won’t disregard their peer’s ideas.           
            When a teacher or professor lectures, he or she is expressing the ideas of the authors from which they get their material. Most professors are independent thinkers too; they think for themselves and have their own ideas about what they are lecturing on. These professors also have listened or paid attention to what other people have told them since they are lecturing other people’s thoughts too. So when a student thinks for himself or herself it is okay. They can have an idea about what they think is going on but they still are going to follow the teacher’s lecture.  The students can start discussions with the professor and the rest of the class can use their thoughts to be involved in the lecture.           

             When students have their own ideas about certain topics and have a place where they can freely say them with out getting criticized build confidence. You can do this in the classroom and hopefully with your best friends. They will argue with you but in a good way because they will have their own ideas. Every time you express your thoughts it builds more and more confidence were you could get to a point that you will just start saying your ideas freely with out being persuaded. Confidence is good because without it you wouldn’t have the nerve to express those ideas you thought about. Confidence helps students be happier and walk with their head held up high.
            Thinking independently is great to do. It isn’t bad to do this and it won’t takeaway from what other people say. It should actually make you want to listen to what other people to say so you can have a friendly argument with them. Thinking independently helps not only your friends but also the classroom because they are getting another viewpoint on something.  If you can express your ideas openly without being made fun of it helps build confidence. Which every teenager and young adult needs.

Witherspoon Room 168

Something I wrote a long time ago about one of the rooms in Witherspoon
As you walk through the big brown door that leads into room 168, you think you’ll walk into a room that looks just as old as the rest of the building. Low and behold the room though actually look like it came out of the twenty-first century. It has computers all along three sides of the room. In the front of the classroom a Smartboard hangs on a wall that has a rough texture to it. In the middle of the classroom a two long rows of computer tables that are connected by another computer table to form a squared off u is what we use as desk. The room has a warm vibe to it even though it is in a building that’s old and somewhat dark.